The Musicans

The musicians with whom I played so far in the Coque Rouge were:

1. Concert Do 11.11.04 Session with
Hans Peter Tress – cl, sax, Roman Dylag – b Daniel Messina –dr

Roman Dylag & Hans-Peter Tress at Roten Hahn

2. Concert Do 9.12.04 with Daniel Messina Trio
Ull Möck – Piano Thomas Rotter – E-Bass, Daniel Messina – dr

between 2 months obligation break, because I had broken the jump joint.

3. Concert Do 3.3.05 with Arno Haas Trio
Arno Haas – Saxophone German Klaiber – Retort Bass Matthias Danneck – dr

4. Concert Do 14.4.05 with Real Bluesband
Tom Martin – sax, git. Hartmut Heinzelmann – E-Bass, Daniel Messina – dr

5.Concert Do 5.5.05 with Martin Hess Trio
Nikolaus Halfmann – Saxophone, Martin Hess – Retort Bass, Matthias Füchsle – dr

6. Concert FR 17.6.05 Birthdaymeeting with Real Bluesband
Tom Martin – sax, git., Magu Lill – E-Bass, Daniel Messina – dr und
Hary de Ville Birthday Band
Mark Wise – voc, git., Rainer Abel- sax, clar. Martin Hess – Retort Bass, Daniel Messina – dr

7. Concert Do 6.10.05 with Daniel Messina Trio
Ull Möck – Piano Thomas Rotter – E-Bass, Daniel Messina – dr

8. Concert Do 10.11.05 with Real Bluesband
Tom Martin – sax, git., Magu Lill – E-Bass, Daniel Messina – dr

9. Concert Do 1.12.05 with Jürgen Waidele Quartett
Jürgen Waidele – voc, piano Arno Haas – Saxophone Pele Keller E-Bass Alex Friedrich -dr
special guest: Opera singer Daniela Bianca Gierok

10. Concert Do 12.1.06 with Thilo Wagner - Davide Petrocca Duo

Thilo Wagner - Piano Davide Petrocca - Retort Bass
afterwards: Hans-Peter Tress - sax, Clarinet Guest: Mark Wise -voc

Afterhours at Hahn with Hary, Thilo, Davide and HP

11. Concert Do 2.2.06 Hary meets Patrick Manzecchi-dr
Hans Peter Tress - Clarinet, Sax Martin Hess -b Patrick Manzecchi -dr Guest: Mark Wise-voc,g.

12. Concert the Concert with the BLUESBUGS
from Konstanz had unfortunately to fail, cause Roy file - the drummer - came into patient close from. I hope we can it retrieve. Good improvement Roy!!!

13. Concert Do 30.3.06 Hary meets Lorenzo Pertrocca Trio
FANTASTIC SWINGING EVENING. HIGHLIGHT! The Petroccas has it stop in itself!!!
Lorenzo Petrocca-g Joel Locher -b Armin Fischer -dr .

Joel Locher & Hary

14. Concert Do 27.4.06 Hary de Ville meets James Allen Simpson Hammond Trio
James Allen Simpson – Hammond Organ Arno Haas – Saxophone Jörg Eckel - drums

15. Concert Fr 16.6.06 Hary's Birthday Session
Christeph Mantels - Vibraphon Wolfgang Mörike - Bass Armin Fischer – drums

16. Konzert Do 23.11.06 Hebbie's 10-Years Jubilee of Roter Hahn

Charly Höllering – Klarinette one of the best Swing-Klarinettists in Europe. Many Concerts all over the Planet with famous Jazz Giants, He represented Germanyat the Benny Goodman Festival in Bari

Gregor Beck – drums gone of the best Swing drummers in Europas playing with Scott Hamilton, Benny Waters Leroy Jones and many others

Steffen Hollenweger – Kontrabass iyoung and gifted bass playeri.

17. Konzert Do 30.11.06 mit Real Bluesband cancelled cause Hary was sick

18. Konzert Do 21.12.06 Piano Jazz mit Triomatik

Triomatik i

19. Konzert Do 1.2.07 mit George Fleury

George Fleury – Hammond
more than 30 years he works as an Endorser für Yamaha-Organs all over the world. (playing in about 170 countries!!) Playbach Interpretations, Jimmy Smith Style, Groovy Funk whatever you want
mehr info:

Marco Schudel – drums

Guest: hary de Ville

20. Konzert Do 15.3.07 mit Thilo Wagner Duo

Thilo Wagner – p imaybe the best German Swing player and one of the greatest all over Europe. Style: Peterson, Errol Garner, Shearing. Played and recorded with: Jim Hall, Art Farmer, Scott Hamilton, Clarke Terry, Slide Hampton and many others

Jean Phillippe Wadle –Kontrabass
Great young french bass player

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