The Real Bluesband - For ...

Release Date: 1982

The LP was brought in for at the beginning of of 1983 completely live in the Studio. Only the singing had later to be taken up for admission-technical reasons.


Hary de Ville - Singing, Guitar, Bluesharp (1)
Andreas "Blues" Bengs - Singing (1c 5) Guitar (solo 1a), Violin (4)
Magu Lill - Bass
Jan Pluta - Drums

Manfred Deppe - tone master

Side A:

1. Medley:
(a) Someday Baby (Otis Span)
(b) Stop Messin Around (Peter Green)
(c) Talk with you (Danny Kirwan)
2. Movin (Hary de Ville) play this song
3. For... (Hary de Ville) play this song

Seite B:

4. Cant keep from cryin (Hary de Ville) play this song
5. Dont need no worries (Peter Green)
(Guest: Winfried Reichardt - harp)
6. Power of Love (Hary de Ville) play this song
7. Freedom Jazz Dance (Eddy Harris)

Total play time: 38:40
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