Swing & Czardas

Lothar, Hary, Andreas, Magu

The Duo Mark Wise was ocasionally extended by extraordinary virtuoso Andreas Wäldele (violin) and bassist Magu Lill. Since Wäldele's repertoire contains much Gypsy Swing, Czardas, Balkan Music and Bluegrass, a varied multicultural program evolved, that has only few cut surfaces with the duo's music.

Next to Wäldele and de Ville the other two instruments were occupied twice.

The Rhythm Guitar was played by either Mark Wise or by Lothar Binder, an oldtime Jazz musician from Lake Konstanz Area.

Bass was played by either Magu Lill (> Real Bluesband) or Swiss Klezmer Contrabassist Daniel Schönhaus (Baith Jaffe).

Andreas, Hary, Mark, Magu

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